Last updated: March 17, 2021, 3:41 pm

UBC’s approach to managing COVID-19 Risk

Learn about how to prevent the spread of infection, work safely during the COVID-19 response, and how UBC is approaching re-occupancy safety planning.

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COVID-19 Health & Safety

Information, tools and information to help you be safe at work, whether you’re on campus or working remotely.

Communications Resources

Print materials and resources are developed as part of your COVID-19 Safety Planning. These materials are available to support recommended physical distancing protocols in your area to help keep the UBC community safe.

Reoccupancy Safety Planning

1. COVID-19 Guiding Principles | 2. Safety Planning Process | 3. Determining Safety Plan Risk | 4. Templates & Resources | 5. COVID-19 Safety Training & COVID-19 Campus Safety Rules | 6. Submit Your Safety Plan | 7. FAQ: COVID-19 Safety Plan

Approved COVID-19 Safety Plans

Check the status and access Overarching COVID-19 Safety Plans for the Vancouver Campus. 1. Office of the President | 2. Vice Presidents' Portfolios | 3. Faculties | 4. Safety & Risk Services