Hazardous Waste Management

Safety & Risk Services coordinates the disposal of hazardous waste materials at the UBC Vancouver campus through the Environmental Services Facility (ESF) located on South Campus. The facility safely manages hazardous waste in accordance with relevant regulations. At ESF, laboratory wastes and hazardous materials generated by the University from mainly research/academic activities and some operational activities are consolidated, recycled and/or disposed via approved external contractors.

Our combined efforts have generated a significant Hazardous Waste Reduction at UBC since 2006.

Since August 2023, users have been able to log into the Hazardous Waste Inventory Systems (HWIS) using their UBC CWL credentials. This integration streamlines the login process and enhances system security and user accessibility. Learn more. Please note that current UBC students, faculty or staff must login via CWL. Non-CWL users at Point Grey campus can still login using a system registered email/password.

In this section

Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide

Special disposal techniques are required to eliminate or reduce hazards.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures

At ESF, laboratory wastes and hazardous materials generated are consolidated, recycled, re-used, neutralized and/or disposed.

Hazardous Waste Inventory System (HWIS)

HWIS allows on and off-campus users to dispose of hazardous waste in a safe and responsible way.