Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control and prevention of hazards in the workplace. Occupational Hygiene promotes a safe a healthy environment by providing information and advice on prevention of ill health from work activities.

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Occupational Hazards

A hazard is anything that could cause harmful adverse effects.

Pets/Animals in the Workplace

Pets/Animals play an important role in the lives of many faculty, staff and students. Before bringing an animal into the workplace, you must be considerate of coworkers and the people around you.

Reporting Exposures

Protocols for WSBC Exposure Registry Reporting

Respiratory Safety

Respirators should be used for protection against airborne contaminants.

Weather and thermal stress safety

Working in hot environments, outdoors and indoors, can affect the body’s cooling system. Find resources and references to help you identify signs and symptoms of heat stress, and guidance to prevent heat exposure.

Wildfire Smoke Health & Safety

Wildfire smoke is a seasonal occupational hazard for many workers.