Insurance & Loss Prevention (I&LP) oversees UBC’s insurance program and provides risk management expertise to all university units. The portfolio manages a variety of policies provide covering students, volunteers, vehicles, property, construction projects and fine art. I&LP ensures adequate insurance coverage for UBC’s assets, handles premiums, deductibles, and claims. The portfolio is also responsible for certificates of insurance and waivers. With unique insight and tools, I&LP helps university units effectively manage risks.

To learn more or seek advice, contact Insurance & Loss Prevention.

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UBC’s Insurance Program

UBC's comprehensive insurance program is managed by Safety & Risk Services. Explore the different insurance options for your needs.

Certificate of insurance

In some instances, you may be asked to provide a certificate of insurance. Learn what steps you'll need to take in order to get a copy.


A waiver is an agreement between the sponsor of an activity and a person who wishes to participate in the activity

Student Practicum and Placement Insurance

Student Insurance for Practicum/Clinical Placements are available in specific provinces in Canada

International Travel – International SOS

All students, faculty, and staff travelling internationally for study, research or business are required to have emergency medical travel insurance.

Vehicle Safety Working Group

The working group includes representatives from Insurance & Loss Prevention, Student Housing and Community Services, OHS, Health Safety Partnerships, Research Compliance Occupational Health, Campus Security, Faculty of Forestry, UBC-O Risk Management Services, and Building Operations.