Insurance Programs

UBC has a comprehensive insurance program which is managed by Safety & Risk Services. The following general summary of our different insurance policies has been prepared as a quick reference.
It does not include:

  • All of the policy conditions and exclusions that may apply to these policies
  • Special coverages for some specific faculty/department needs. Insured losses may be subject to an internal deductible and/or policy deductible

This information is subject to change without notice. If you have any questions about the insurance implications of an activity or situation in which your department is involved, please contact the insurance section of Safety & Risk Services.

In this section

Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance for departmental fleet cars, rental vehicles used for UBC business.

Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Comprehensive breakage to boilers and machinery

Cargo Transit Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to large value, lawful goods and merchandise, while in transit to and from UBC using various transportation modes.

Construction Insurance

Covers course of construction. Boiler and Machinery insurance covers comprehensive breakage to boilers and machinery.

Error & Omissions Insurance

Insurance for some student groups and building inspectors as part of their role for the University.

Fine Arts Insurance

Covers art of any nature which is the property of UBC or which has been entrusted to UBC for exhibition or for any purpose whatsoever.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance policies protect the University against claims by third parties.

Property Insurance

All-Risk property insurance policies protect the University against loss of or damage to buildings and/or contents.

Student Insurance (Automatic)

Automatic insurance coverage for UBC Students.

Student Insurance (Optional)

Optional insurance coverage for UBC Students.

Student Insurance for Practicum / Clinical Placements

Student Insurance for Practicum/Clinical Placements are available in BC (Automatic), Alberta (Optional) & Ontario (Optional).

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for students travelling abroad, for off-campus student research as well as business travel.

Volunteer Insurance

Covers accidents (not illness) related to UBC volunteer duties.