Accident Insurance

UBC accidental death, dismemberment and permanent total disability insurance is available to provide ’excess insurance’ protection above other primary policies that is for the benefit of and reserved for persons under the auspices of UBC (students must be registered at UBC), while participating in sanctioned and approved UBC work-related activities. This insurance is not for injury which occurs in your personal time or for extracurricular activities.

An excess insurance policy only responds after all other insurance policies have been exhausted including provincial health insurance programs. Like all insurance policies, there are limitations and exclusions included in the policy wordings.

You must register in advance of when this coverage is required and before a claim occurs to avoid denial of coverage. Please review coverage requirements and submit the application at least 2 weeks prior to when coverage is required.

To qualify for this coverage, you or your department must:


1. Review the restricted country list

Ensure you are not traveling to a country (outside of Canada) which requires pre-approval prior to travel as it is specifically restricted by the Accident Insurance insurer. If your work involves travel to a country that is restricted, contact Insurance and Loss Prevention at directly to discuss.

Review restricted country list

Any additional premium is the responsibility of the associated department. Charge back codes must be provided to secure accident coverage.


2. Review the highlighted limitations & exclusions

All policies of insurance are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the insurance contract. Review these highlighted exceptions:

  • Age limitation to qualify for coverage is 90. No coverage over 90
  • Coverage for Class (6) athletes or similar is limited to while participating in a practice or competition which is organized under the supervision and direction of the governing body/sports association and/or while being transported with other members as a group of 3 or more from the place of such practice or competition
  • Mentally and physically capable of performing regular duties – no intentional harm
  • Must be considered ‘accidental’ – no suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-injury
  • War, invasion, acts of terrorism, civil commotion or riot exclusion
  • Drug and alcohol exclusions
  • Other limitations, exclusions as outlined in each category booklet listed below


3. Review the categories of persons for Accident Insurance

The registration categories are listed below and include links to the coverage booklets and applicable coverage/limits for your review. The most appropriate category must be selected.

  • Class (1) – registered UBC students and post-doctoral fellows (who are continuing their studies beyond the PHD level)
  • Class (2) – registered UBC students who are participating in a sanctioned approved UBC academic program including but not limited to a co-op, practicum, internship and exchange program
  • Class (3) – volunteers doing approved work on behalf of UBC
  • Class (4) – members of the UBC Board of Governors
  • Class (5) – employees of UBC
  • Class (6) – athletes, coaches, managers, referees, trainers and other persons who are engaged with a UBC program, including contractors and volunteers as approved by UBC


4. Review the claims reporting requirements

This coverage is intended to be ‘excess’ and above other underlying policy forms including provincial health plans, WorkSafe BC, employer benefits, and other travel/medical insurance plans. You may be required to file a claim under multiple providers who will each adjudicate your claim independently. As a ‘work’ related accident, you must follow the UBC accident/incident reporting process located here. Information must be filed through CAIRS as well as completing any process for the accident insurer.

It is important that you immediately report a potential claim to all potential providers.

Review the steps on how to report a claim:

  1. Submit a New Claim on the Sutton App 24/7
    • Written notice of claim, death or injury must be given to the insurer within 31 days after injury occurs
    • Provide accurate and complete information to the best of your knowledge
    • Fully cooperate with the insurer and their authorized representative (adjuster)
      • Questions on an existing claim? Email or call 416-366-4608 or 1-800-461-3292 or 1-416-366-2223 (Monday to Friday 8:30 am–5:00 pm)
  2. Contact UBC Insurance & Loss Prevention at

If you are not contacted by the Insurer within 24 hours of reporting, please email

5. Register for Accident Insurance

To register for Accident Insurance Coverage, please fill out the registration form below. Please review qualifications and eligibility before submitting a registration form. This form should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to when you will require coverage. Once complete, please email the form to Insurance & Loss Prevention at
View Accident Insurance Coverage Registration Form

6. Receive confirmation of coverage

After you submit your registration form, you will receive an email from a UBC Insurance and Loss Prevention team member with a confirmation, copy of the coverage booklet, a medical card, and information on how to report a claim.

For additional information:

For questions, please contact