Emergency Preparedness Training

Being prepared for an emergency requires training and practice. See which training courses you may be eligible for and get started on your road to being well-prepared.

For in-person training sessions, contact UBC Emergency Management.

Emergency Management Training available for 2020

Emergency Management Training, Exercising and Engagement program courses are now available, at no cost to all UBC faculty and staff throughout the year.

Who should register for the training?

  1. UBC faculty and staff members interested in joining/participating in Emergency Operating Centre (EOC) activities and activations.
  2. UBC faculty and staff members who are existing EOC and/or Incident Management responders.

Why are we offering these courses?

  • The majority of UBC faculty and staff do not live on campus. We want to maintain as many volunteers as possible with some level of training to support response/recovery activities in the event of an emergency.
  • The courses will provide different levels of training for individuals to learn the tools required for response and recovery.
  • An entry-level staff may want to start with EOC Essentials, followed by other courses. Existing EOC members may want to take refresher courses or learn a new skill. Existing EOC members will also receive additional course invites outside of this program for more hands-on targeted training.

What to expect after the training?

  • Two weeks after the training session, faculty and staff are invited to a 30-minute drill/exercise to practice their skills from the course. This involves participating in a practice scenario.

Click here for available courses and registration


Emergency Preparedness Training

Which emergency preparedness courses do I need?

If you are… Then take It includes
Student, faculty, or staff Active Shooter Preparedness Online Training 1 x 15 min online module followed by a quiz
Faculty or staff who is a floor warden or Building Emergency Director Floor Warden Training Course 1 online module and exam
Faculty or staff and part of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) EOC Essentials 1 in-person practical session with an exam
EOC Task Force Training 1 in-person practical session with an exam
Faculty or staff who are part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) Rapid Building Damage Assessment (ACT 20) 1 in-person practical session with an exam
Light Urban Search and Rescue 1 in-person practical session with an exam

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