Research Safety Training

Research Safety partners with researchers across campus to promote safe work practices in laboratory research that is in accordance with applicable regulations. Safety is an essential component of responsible, reproducible science. Training courses, both online and/or in-person are available.

Radiation, Biosafety & Chemical Safety Training Practical Sessions: Fall Term

Starting at the beginning of the fall term, all practical sessions will be located at the permanent SRS training lab in Koerner Pavilion, UBC Hospital. This means that Biosafety and Chemical Safety training sessions are moving from Wesbrook (6174 University Boulevard) to Koerner Pavilion (2211 Wesbrook Mall) room G326 in September 2021. Sessions will not be offered from August 30th to September 3rd 2021 during the transition.

Practical sessions will resume the week of September 6th at the Koerner location. September sessions will be open for booking as of August 27 2021. Thank you for your patience.

Location: Room G326, Koerner Pavilion UBC Hospital

  • Building is secure, access is only through UBC Hospital at the Main Wesbrook entrance and you will be asked to show identification, sanitize your hands and wear a mask.
  • Once inside the hospital, G326 is one level down.
  • Please leave time to find the location and arrive on time. Map link for directions
  • If you cannot attend a booked session, please cancel as soon as you can so that others are able to register.


Before attending the session, you must

When attending the session, you must:

  • Wear a non-medical mask.
  • Arrive on time! Latecomers will not be allowed to join.
  • Leave behind all superfluous items as space is limited.

Bring your own:

  1. Lab coat (Mandatory) – we have spares, but if you choose to use a spare you may be wearing one that other people have also worn so we recommend you bring your own.
  2. Safety glasses (Mandatory) – we have spares, but if you choose to use a spare you will be wearing ones that other people have also worn.
  3. Pen for writing the final quiz (Mandatory).
  4. Lab appropriate clothing – long loose-fitting pants and fully covering liquid resistant shoes (Mandatory).

Please Note:
Non-medical face masks are required in healthcare settings, including UBC Hospital, and you can expect some closer physical interaction during session activities!

In this section

Biosafety Training

Mandatory for all persons working with Risk Group 1-3 biohazards

Chemical Safety Training

Mandatory for all laboratory persons handling hazardous chemicals.

LASER Safety Training

Working with Class 3B or 4 LASERs

Radiation and X-Ray Safety Training

Mandatory for all permits holders or those working under a Radioisotope Permit.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training

Mandatory for those shipping and/or receiving biological or radioactive materials.

WHMIS Training

Mandatory for all workers who work with a hazardous product or may be exposed to a hazardous product in the course of their work activities.