Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training

Which TDG course do I need and how much does it cost?

If you order, handle, ship or receive Dangerous Goods including…. And have…. Then take…..
Biological materials, including clinical samples, animal tissues, cell lines, viruses, prions or bacterial strains No prior TDG Class 6.2 Training
An expired TDG Class 6.2 Training Certificate
TDG Class 6.2
In-person training
UBC $155
Non-UBC $262.50
Ship and receiving radioactive materials or devices To ship or receive radioactive material TDG Class 7: Shipping & receiving

On-line training through BCIT

Hazardous chemicals, fuels, lithium ion batteries, or compressed gases To ship or receive dangerous goods other than Classes 1, 6.2 or 7 as part of my work UBC Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Ground and Air

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