News from SRS

Emergency Preparedness Week is May 5–11, 2024

Join us during Emergency Preparedness Week (EP Week) to increase our community’s resilience by learning about emergency preparedness. EP Week is a provincial and national event supported by the BC Government and Public Safety Canada. Preparing for an emergency does not need to be difficult. Start by getting informed on the risks in your community, make a plan, and then build a kit.

You’re Invited! Information Security Standards Town Hall

UBC is committed to protecting its confidential data and information systems. As part of this commitment, we have established Information Security Standards that govern how everyone at UBC uses and safeguards university data and computing resources. We invite you to learn more about the proposed revisions to the Information Security Standards and have your questions answered by members of the ISSWG.

Daylight Savings time can affect workplace health & safety

Daylight Savings Time takes place this year on March 10, where we “spring ahead” and advance our clocks forward by one hour. Here are some tips to follow to help your body prepare for the time difference with the following tips.

Safety & Risk Services is one of the recipients of the Campus as a Living Lab ‘Grand Challenge’ funding award

The Campus as a Living Lab ‘Grand Challenge’ encourages faculty and staff to work together on a project to effectively respond and adapt to the climate emergency. Safety & Risk Services, in collaboration with the School of Community & Regional Planning and the Faculty of Applied Science, received a funding award to undertake the Resilience Hubs for UBC Campus Communities project.

Eric Alister joins PrISM as Privacy & Information Security Risk Advisor

Eric Alister joins Safety & Risk Services’ Privacy & Information Security Management (PrISM) team, stepping into the role of Privacy & Information Security Risk Advisor. Learn more about Eric.