Safety & Risk Services is one of the recipients of the Campus as a Living Lab ‘Grand Challenge’ funding award

The Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) initiative leverages UBC’s unique campus environment as a collaborative space for researchers, students, staff and external partners. The CLL ‘Grand Challenge’ encourages faculty and staff to work together on a project to effectively respond and adapt to the climate emergency.

Safety & Risk Services, in collaboration with the School of Community & Regional Planning and the Faculty of Applied Science, received a funding award to undertake the Resilience Hubs for UBC Campus Communities project. This visionary project at UBC Vancouver focuses on enhancing campus resilience to climate hazards, aligning with the Campus Vision 2050 plan.

The project will develop a resilience hub framework to strengthen community connections and emergency support. It will also create a disaster risk reduction roadmap to improve UBC’s operational response to climate emergencies. By integrating faculty members’ multidisciplinary research and Safety & Risk Services’ operational expertise, the joint team will support resilience planning, addressing key priorities in climate emergency preparedness and community wellbeing.

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