The Centre welcomes new yoga instructor Tania Clarke

Starting Wednesday, July 2, Tania Clarke will join The Centre as our new yoga instructor.

Tania spent most of her mid-20s to mid-30s in chronic pain due to a shoulder injury; however, she loved movement so much that she trained to teach yoga, fitness and Pilates. Sadly, her chronic shoulder injury forced her to pause. During this time, she learned so much more about herself. Meditation and a slow movement practice of somatic yoga healed her body immensely and led her to learn more about somatic exercise.

Tania has since gone on to train in Thai Massage and other restorative bodywork modalities to help her clients develop a deep understanding of their bodies and the mind-body connection.

It is Tania’s mission to help guide you towards a pain free life and a better relationship with pain management and prevention.

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