Lance Xu joins Campus Security as Secure Access Technician

Lance Xu joins Campus Security as a Secure Access Technician. He will be working on installations and servicing alarms, camera systems, access controls, Blue Phones, Proxsafe key cabinets, and more around campus. Lance is a dedicated security access technician with a profound passion for the physical security industry. With nearly a decade of hands-on experience in the field, he’s had the privilege of contributing to different projects and honing his skills in different areas such as access control, alarm systems, CCTV, door hardware, and IP networks.

He joins us from Chubb Security and is currently attending BCIT and working towards his Bachelors of Technology Management. Recognized for his self-motivation, active listening, communications, patience, and teamwork, Lance takes pride in his collaborative work and contributions to greater team projects such as King George The Hub and IONA Water Treatment Plant. He is passionate about making the world a safer place for everyone, which also serves as a constant source of motivation for his day to day work.

Outside of work, Lance carries a diverse set of interests including sports like basketball and golf, exploring new travel destinations, and constantly seeking opportunities for personal growth and learning. The timeless philosophy of ‘stay hungry and stay foolish’ serves as his driving force, inspiring him to embrace every new challenge with enthusiasm and curiosity.