Eric Alister joins PrISM as Privacy & Information Security Risk Advisor

Eric Alister joins Safety & Risk Services’ Privacy & Information Security Management (PrISM) team, stepping into the role of Privacy & Information Security Risk Advisor. The SRS PrISM team is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive privacy and security risk assessments, alongside campus-wide training and risk advisory services, to uphold UBC’s commitment to data protection and information security. 

Eric will spearhead and supervise Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) while providing expert advisory services on privacy and security matters across the university. With over a decade of IT support experience across diverse sectors, Eric brings a robust foundation in cybersecurity and data privacy protection to the team.   

Beyond his professional endeavors, Eric finds joy in spending quality time with his four-year-old daughter, exploring the world of music through playing the piano and drums, and staying abreast of the latest technological advancements. Additionally, Eric channels his love for writing by occasionally contributing on a freelance basis to publications he has previously worked for, blending his professional expertise with his personal passions.