Implementing CWL integration to UBC’s Hazardous Waste Inventory Systems (HWIS)

Safety & Risk Services is pleased to announce the implementation of the CWL integration for our Hazardous Waste Inventory Systems (HWIS).

Starting from early to mid-August, users will be able to log into the HWIS using their UBC CWL credentials. This integration aims to streamline the login process and enhance system security and user accessibility.

To ensure a smooth and seamless transition, we have planned a staged approach for the go-live process with our two HWIS systems starting with UBC Vancouver in early August and hospitals in mid to late August.

By adopting this staged approach, we can effectively address any potential issues or questions that may arise during the initial phase.

For any questions or support related to the CWL integration or the Hazardous Waste Inventory Systems, please feel free to contact Ligia Gheorghita, Advisor, Environmental Protection.