Accident/Incident Reporting

The Workers Compensation Act (WCA) defines an incident/accident to include: an accident or other occurrence which resulted in or had the potential for causing an injury or occupational disease.

All incidents and accidents must be reported to a supervisor and on-line through the UBC Centralized Accident/Incident Reporting System (CAIRS) as soon as possible following the incident/accident. Reporting serves as documented evidence in the event that the incident evolves into a claim and the individual involved (provided that they covered by WorkSafeBC) needs workers compensation. In addition, reporting is an important piece in maintaining a safe work environment for everyone. For support, you may email

Accident/Incident Reporting (for Workers)

All accidents/incidents involving UBC workers or practicum students must be immediately reported to the responsible supervisor and then on-line through UBC CAIRS.

Accident/Incident Reporting (For Unpaid Students, Visitors and Contractors)

All accidents/incidents at UBC must be reported on-line through the UBC CAIRS.

Investigations for Supervisors

Supervisors are responsible to report and investigate all accidents/incidents involving involving UBC workers.


UBC's Centralized Accident/Incident Reporting System (CAIRS) is an online system to report Incidents and Accidents.

Inspection Reports Received from WorkSafeBC

WorkSafeBC can inspect any UBC site. Follow-up corrective actions may be required to address inspection reports.