Safe Work Processes

Confined Spaces

A confined space is an enclosed or partially enclosed area with limited or restricted means of entry or exit.

De-Energization & Lockout

De-Energization is when machinery unexpectedly starts-up or when stored energy is released from the equipment or machinery

Asbestos Management

Asbestos Management is the control of potential exposure to airborne asbestos fibres or the encapsulation of asbestos-containing materials

Fall Protection

Fall protection is the use of controls designed to protect workers from falling or in the event they do fall, to stop them without causing severe injury

Contractor Safety

Contractors are responsible to ensure that work is performed in a safe manner in compliance with WorkSafeBC Regulations, other applicable provincial and/or federal laws and/or regulations, and any UBC policies, procedures and other requirements that may apply.


Safeguarding is the first line of defense in ensuring the health and safety of workers operating machinery and equipment. It prevents harmful contact with hazardous moving parts or unsafe conditions.

Electrical Safety

The available electrical current in regular homes, offices, and workplaces have enough power to be a dangerous hazard.