Risk Assessment & Safe Work Procedure

Risk Assessment

Supervisors have a general duty to ensure the health and safety of their workers. Conducting a risk assessment enables the supervisor to take the measures necessary to meet this requirement. It provides an opportunity to consider all foreseeable hazards associated with a task and the risks associated with those hazards. This information is then used to establish controls to minimize the risk.

Safe Work Procedure (SWP)

A safe work procedure incorporates all the information from the risk assessment in a manner that allows one to carry out the task safely. It is a detailed record of the step by step process of how to conduct a task. Before writing a safe work procedure, there must be a completed Risk Assessment. Once the procedure is written, individuals need to be trained on the procedure and that training needs to be documented. A Safe Work Procedure template is available below to enable you to write a thorough procedure inclusive of all the required elements.