Radiation Permits

Any faculty member with a valid Radionuclide Safety & Methodology Course Certificate is eligible to apply for a UBC Radioisotope Permit.

Radioisotope Permit

When is a radioisotope permit required?

Any faculty member with a valid Radiation Safety Training Certificate is eligible to apply for a UBC Radioisotope Permit. Whether you plan to use open source materials or have a device that houses a sealed source, the application process is through RISe (Research Information System). To obtain an open source permit, you will also need access to a calibrated survey meter and a scintillation counter.

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Radioisotope Permit Applications for Open & Sealed Sources

How do I apply for an Open or Sealed Sources Permit?

All permit applications, renewals and amendments use be done through RISe. The terms of your permit including:

  • isotopes & corresponding possession limits;
  • authorized users & corresponding annual exposure limits;
  • rooms where isotopes will be used or stored; and,
  • survey meters & scintillation counter

How do I become an authorized user?

To be added to a permit as an authorized user, you must have a profile on the RISe system. There are registration instructions you can follow if you are new to the RISe system. Please include your Radiation Safety Training Certificate number or dates in your profile. Once this is complete, your Permit Holder can include you on the permit during the application or amendment processes. For assistance, please contact risesupport@ors.ubc.ca or call 604-878-7473.
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Radiation Documentation Requirements

What radiation documentation is required?

The documentation requirements for working with radiation vary between open and sealed source material.

With each open source permit, the Permit Holder receives a Radiation Records Binder with sections for:

Sealed Source Permit Holders are required to:

  • keep the Radiation Safety Office informed of changes in equipment location
  • keep security checks on personnel with unescorted access to the room containing the sealed source
  • ensure access to the device is controlled
  • provide access to SRS personnel for the purposes of annual leak testing

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Radiation Permit Termination

What is required when a permit holder is no longer using radioactive materials at UBC?

When a permit holder is planning to move away from the use of radioactive material or away from UBC, their permit must be terminated. To end a permit, permit holders must:

  • notify the Radiation Safety Committee by filing an amendment on RISe
  • provide a complete set of wipe tests for the spaces listed on the permit
  • complete annual inventory
  • dispose of or transfer any radioisotopes waste still on hand

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