LASER Safety – General Information & Registration

The primary objective of the UBC LASER Safety Program is to facilitate and ensure the safe and knowledgeable use of LASERs in research, teaching and the environment.

Laser Safety General Information & Registration

What are LASERs?

Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The level of hazard varies by Class, with Classes 3B and 4 having the potential to cause acute injury.

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What are researcher responsibilities for LASER safety?

To work with Class 3B or 4 LASERs, researchers must:

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What LASER documentation is required?

A lab-specific LASER safety program manual.

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Who needs LASER Safety Training?

The training is mandatory for all faculty, staff, visiting scientists and students prior to setting up or using a Class 3B or 4 LASER.

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What is proof of training and how long is it valid?

Proof of Training is a combination of the certificate received upon the successful completion of the Introduction to Laser Safety course and documentation of training in lab-specific procedures. UBC LASER Safety training certificates are valid for 5 years.

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Which LASER Safety training do I need?

If you are…. Then take… It includes
A faculty member, staff member, visiting researcher or student working with Class 3B or 4 LASERs Introduction to Laser Safety Five 20-min modules each followed by a quiz

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