Emergency Plans

Get to know UBC’s Emergency Plans, including the Crisis Management Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and Seismic Resilience Plan.

Crisis Management Plan

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The Crisis Management Plan (CMP) documents the process UBC Vancouver will utilize to manage crises and potential crises on campus. This plan describes a management process to quickly recognize and respond to a range of campus incidents which have escalated, or have the potential to escalate to a crisis. These incidents include emergencies, business interruptions, and emerging issues. The CMP aligns and works in conjunction with the University of British Columbia Vancouver Emergency Response Plan and the University of British Columbia Okanagan Disaster Response Plan.


Emergency Response Plan

The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) provides a management framework to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies affecting the UBC Vancouver community. This plan identifies areas of emergency management responsibility and the organizational structure to deal with natural and human-induced hazards and risks that could affect the university and its surrounding community. The ERP uses the standard emergency response approach of the British Columbia Emergency Management System, which is mandated for use within the Government of B.C. and recommended to local authorities, agencies and crown corporations.


Seismic Resilience Plan

The Seismic Resilience Plan is developed to plan for seismic mitigation of the UBC Vancouver campus, to ensure that risk is reduced as much as possible, and as quickly as possible within the university’s logistical and financial capacity. This report provides an update on key action items from the 2019 February Board of Governors’ report, including detailed seismic evaluation of campus buildings identified as highest risk. For more information on how UBC is working to create a disaster-resilient university, visit UBC Facilities.


Building Emergency Response Plan (BERP)

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All UBC buildings should have their own Building Emergency Response Plan (BERP) to help ensure the safety of building occupants through emergency evacuation and fire prevention. This template provides a checklist of procedures for responding to and reporting an emergency, and assists in the recruitment and training of Building Emergency Directors and Floor Wardens.