Work-Related Transportation or Commuting on Campus

During work hours, a supervisor is responsible for all aspects of a worker’s safety, including any modes of transportation or commuting on the Point Grey campus.

Campus walking

Walking is typically the most convenient way to get around campus. UBC has created car-free corridors to make walking safe, convenient, and enjoyable. When possible, please use the pedestrian priority zones and follow the road safety guidelines to prevent pedestrian injuries.

Specific transportation requirements

Certain on-campus jobs may require specific modes of transportation. If your work requires a particular mode of transportation, your employer will provide the necessary transportation. This may include motor vehicles, mobile equipment, and bicycles. Supervisors who have workers issued any of the above modes of transportation can refer to the following resources for more safety information and requirements:

Other transportation modes

Any other work-related transportation during work hours must be approved by your supervisor. If the mode of transportation is approved, supervisors are responsible for:

  • Assessing whether the mode of transportation is legal for use on campus
  • Identifying and reducing the risk of foreseeable hazards
  • Creating a documented process for inspections and maintenance
  • Considering and providing, if required, personal protective equipment
  • Providing documented training for the safe operation
  • Reviewing other considerations such as, but not limited to safe operation (including boarding/leaving, clearance, vision, swing radius, working on grades); loading, unloading, securing load/max loads; unattended equipment; pedestrian and equipment traffic