Bicycle Safety

This section provides safety guidance related to bicycles (including e-bikes, etc.), and applies to UBC Members when engaged in UBC Activities in workplace, teaching, and, research environments at or of UBC per Health and Safety Policy. This section is intended for UBC Members who require use of a bicycle as part of their regular duties and not to use of bicycles during personal time (such as commuting to and from campus) or outside of their regular duties.

Bicycle Safety Guidance

Tips for Safe Biking

General information about the rules of the road and other tips, which can make biking safer and easier, is available at: which includes tips and resources on:

  • Routes and Maps
  • Basic bike gear and clothing
  • Bike fitting and maintenance
  • Rules of the Road
  • Using Bike Boxes
  • Keeping your bike safe and preventing theft
  • Maintenance resources

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Important Considerations for Use of Bicycles on Campus

Questions related to bicycle activities should be discussed with the appropriate Supervisor. Important considerations for use of bicycles on campus by UBC Members include, but are not limited to:

  • Is the activity requiring a bicycle part of regular duties?
    • If yes, is the necessary safety provisions provided (appropriate helmet, good conditioned bicycle, etc.)?
  • Is a bicycle required for the job or can an alternate method be used (walking, other equipment, campus mail, etc.)?
  • Is the bicycle and related equipment UBC property or personal?
    • If the bicycle and related equipment are personal, the University’s insurance will not provide coverage for any damage or theft and the worker will be responsible for maintenance and safety.
  • Before leaving:
    • Has the route, weather, and terrain been adequately assessed?
    • Has a pre-trip inspection been conducted and documented verifying all is in good order?
    • Has a risk assessment been done for the activity and related equipment?
      • If using storage supports, has risk and balance been assessed as adequate?
  • Are the workers able to contact appropriate first aid and call 911 if there is an emergency?
  • Is the worker going to be alone or in isolation and able to check-in?
  • Has a written safe work procedure been developed for the specific activity?

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Bike Safety Safe Work Procedure & Inspection Checklist

Safe Work Procedure for bicycles (WORD). Download & edit to your specific situation.

Inspection checklist (WORD). Download & edit to your specific situation.

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