Science Diving Associated with UBC

Visiting divers from other CAUS member organizations, or those of the American Association of Underwater Sciences (AAUS), may be eligible to dive at UBC by providing a letter of reciprocity (LOR) from their home institute’s Diving Safety Officer (DSO).

  1. Provide a letter of reciprocity (LOR) from your home institution to the UBC DSO (
    • Please provide a minimum of 30 days notice to the DSO if you are looking to dive under an LOR.
  1. Divers must provide UBCs DSO with a copy of a dive medical.
    • The expiry dates of dive medicals is considered to be that as mandated by WorkSafeBC (2 years expiry if your age is <40 yrs, 1 year expiry if your age is >40 yrs), regardless of the expiry dates stipulated by the governing body of the diver (e.g. AAUS).
    • If the visiting diver is from outside of the province, and dive activities are planned within the province, the WorkSafeBC Dive Physician will need to issue a temporary WorkSafeBC Dive Medical. Please contact the UBC DSO for details.
  1. Visiting divers will need to complete the Standards and DCIEM components of the CAUS Scientific Diving Theory Course
  2. Visiting divers may need to complete the DAM training course or have their institutions DSO acknowledge equivalent experience.
  3. Depending on the level of experience a check out dive with the DSO may be required.

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UBC Divers Visiting Other Institutions

UBC divers wishing to dive under reciprocity with other institutions will also be required to provide a LOR to the DSO at the member institution. Please download this form, fill in the necessary information and provide it to the UBC DSO.