Emergency Training

Every year, UBC holds an emergency training exercise to better position individuals and the institution for real emergencies. This is a planned and controlled emergency exercise that allows UBC to practice elements of the UBC Emergency Management Plan, including the activation of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

Exercises are held each year during spring. The emergency scenario is shared publicly with the university community in advance. Several external agencies are involved as part of the event, just as they would be in a real emergency. Training and courses are offered for individuals with preparedness and/or specialized technical roles within the UBC Emergency Plan.


What training is available for individuals?

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What specialized training is available?

    • Emergency Operations (EOC) Training – A workshop based on the BCERMS model and the BC Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) “all hazards” approach.
    • Emergency Response Team Training – Training for staff members to become Emergency Response Team members. These ERTs receive instruction in Occupational First Aid Level 1, ACT20 (Rapid Building Damage Assessment) and Light Urban Search and Rescue.

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