UBC Flags lowered for National Day of Mourning

Flags on both UBC campuses are to be lowered in recognition of the National Day of Mourning, to remember lives lost in the workplace and resolve to prevent future tragedies.

External review of Campus Security — take the survey by Nov 22

As part of UBC’s commitment to address systemic bias and build a more inclusive university, we are embarking on an independent external review of Campus Security.

Serving our diverse campus

UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Santa Ono recently released a statement about systemic racism at UBC. We at Safety & Risk Services and in the VPFO portfolio want to ensure we create a sense of safety, trust and security among all campus users. We can only achieve this when we recognize and address racism and unconscious bias at an individual and institutional level.

Protect UBC Mobile Phones Against SIM Swapping

Privacy Matters @ UBC has recommend that we take steps to protect our cell phones against a risk known as SIM swapping.

Are you Ranger Ready? Visit the UBC Emergency Ranger Station on Feb 13 and find out!

Are you Ranger Ready? Visit the UBC Emergency Ranger Station on Feb 13 and find out!

Emergencies happen, and as UBC students, faculty, staff, and residents, we all have a role to play in emergency preparedness. Visit the UBC Emergency Ranger Station in the AMS Nest on February 13 to find out how you can prepare for an emergency, and get Ranger Ready!

Information for UBC Travellers: Coronavirus in China

There have been reports of respiratory infections in Wuhan, China, which are attributed to a new coronavirus.

Avoid slips, trips, and falls this winter with some simple tips

We’re coming into ice and snow season on campus, where can be a greater risk of slips, trips or falls. Practice safe winter walking to help you stay on your feet this winter.

Testing at the Tap: Environmental Protection and Domestic Water Safety at UBC

Testing at the Tap: Environmental Protection and Domestic Water Safety at UBC

Water is a crucial resource at UBC, for basic human needs and to support research and operations. The simple act of turning on a tap to access a safe and reliable water supply is something students, faculty, and staff depend on each and every day.

SRS pilots requiring supervisors’ health and safety training within the VPFO

By December 31, all supervisors at UBCV must have completed the Safety Supervision at UBC course. If you’re a supervisor, please take the course and become familiar with the information.

Planning for disaster a campus-wide initiative for UBC Vancouver

Perched on an isolated cliff-top peninsula, surrounded by ocean, and separated from Vancouver’s urban core by a sprawling, lush rainforest, UBC falls outside the City of Vancouver’s jurisdiction. As a result, the university is responsible for the types of services most universities typically don’t manage — including staffing and sourcing their own emergency response operations (with the exception of police, fire and ambulance).

Rae Ann Aldridge appointed as Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services

In her new role, Rae Ann will be charged with working across campus to enhance UBC’s safety and security. She will be responsible for leading Safety & Risk Services, a new department which is the result of a merger between Risk Management Services and Campus Security.

Get ready to ShakeOut

This October, practice the Great BC Shakeout, an annual province-wide earthquake drill for everyone to practice how to protect themselves and to be better prepared in the event of an earthquake.

Learn from Safety and Security Experts on September 19

Come say hi to Campus Security and our safety and security partners on September 19th outside the UBC Bookstore and learn about safety tips and services

Announcing the creation of a new department of Safety & Risk Services

As part of UBC’s commitment to creating a safe, secure and resilient environment for our students, faculty and staff, Risk Management Services (RMS) will be joining with Campus Security to create a new department of Safety & Risk Services (SRS) for the Vancouver campus.

VPFO Gathers for Pink Shirt Day 2019

When you’re part of a 24-hour operations group, Pink Shirt Day is really an all-day event. Staff from the Vice President Finance & Operations (VPFO) gathered across UBC to on February 27 in the morning, evening, and night for cake, coffee, and an opportunity to connect and talk about respect, diversity, and inclusion.

After the shaking stops: continuing to plan for a resilient campus

Since 2016, a team of UBC staff, leading faculty earthquake experts, and engineering consultants has been studying how to protect lives, research programs, infrastructure, and assets on the university’s Vancouver campus in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.

Safety Day gathers campus safety leaders for learning and recognition

On October 3, over 200 Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) and Local Safety Team (LST) members from across UBC Vancouver gathered in the Nest’s Great Hall to celebrate and recognize achievement in making UBC Vancouver a safer place to work.

Ubyssey Op-ed: Get vaccinated this flu season

Getting vaccinated is easy. UBC offers free immunization clinics from October 24 to 26 in the Nest.

Revised Emergency Response Plan and new Crisis Management Plan now available

RMS invites you to learn more about UBC-V’s emergency response and UBC’s crisis management planning so you can be better informed about emergency and other incident management measures.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Everyone deserves to have their personal information protected. Privacy and information security is a top priority at UBC and keeping this information safe does not have to be difficult. Simple actions can make a big difference.

Get the flu shot: Your best protection against the flu bug

Ever been hugged a little too long? The flu can be just like that. Don’t get hugged by a bug, get your flu shot Oct 24 – 26 at the Nest.

Celebrate Safety@UBC: Safety Day is Coming on October 3, 2018

On Wednesday October 3, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., JOHSC and LST members from across the university will join RMS in the Nest’s Great Hall for Safety Day, a day of learning and celebration of their efforts.

Summer fire risk on the increase

The fire danger rating in areas surrounding both UBC campuses has been raised to high, or even extreme in certain areas of the Okanagan Valley. We would like to remind everyone to be extra vigilant with any flammable materials or hot machinery that you might be using.

Emergency Management’s Exercise Choke Point set for June 19

Risk Management Services is preparing the Vancouver campus to respond to a new emergency scenario in Exercise Choke Point, a scenario involving a hypothetical motor vehicle accident and a possible Ammonia leak.

Jennifer Kain appointed as Chief Audit & Risk Officer

This newly-created role is the result of a recommendation put forward by the Internal Audit and Risk Management review performed in 2017. It reports directly to the President and Vice-Chancellor and the Audit Committee Chair of the Board of Governors.

A sea of pink in Building Operations for Anti-Bullying and a Respectful Workplace

Building Operations is one of the few departments that touch every part of the university every day. Often the blue personal protective equipment can fade into the background colour of a busy campus. However, on February 28th, you can expect to see a slight change in the way we look as over 700 staff take part in Pink Shirt Day against bullying.

Emergency Management @UBC: New Snow Annex to the Emergency Response Plan

Over the past year, Risk Management Services and Building Operations conducted a cross-campus review leading to a new snow annex to the Campus Emergency Response plan.

Emergency Management @UBC: What to do when the fire alarm sounds

Sometimes they ring, sometimes they beep, or even flash… What does it mean when the fire alarms go off? What is the emergency response to a fire alarm? What are you supposed to do?

Who wants a hug from a bug? Get your free flu shot!

The flu bug wants to get up close and personal. But who wants a hug from a bug? Promote a healthy campus by getting your free flu shot—it’s your best protection against the flu. Drop in at a clinic of your choice during October 31-November 9.

Emergency Management @UBC wants you to get ready for a seismic emergency

This October, Risk Management Services wants you to focus on emergency preparedness, and launching two events on campus – IBC Shake Zone and ShakeOut BC. Practice what to do when an earthquake strikes, and once the shaking stops. Learn more about emergency preparedness and what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Jamiann Questa joins Safety & Risk Services (SRS) as Manager, Environmental Services

Effective July 31, Jami will lead the team that supports University departments seeking to meet their environmental obligations as prescribed by UBC Policy #6 – Environmental Protection Compliance and UBC Policy #9 – Hazardous Materials Management.

Pollution Prevention Plans will be coming to UBC’s research labs

Metro Vancouver is currently developing a proposal that would require research laboratories to implement Pollution Prevention Plans, similar to Pollution Prevention Plan Regulation for Hospitals, to eliminate or reduce pollution at its source.

Emergency exercise coming to the Vancouver Campus

UBC Vancouver is conducting an emergency exercise on June 28 on the south campus where Main Mall meets Agronomy Road.

Global Ransomware Alert

As you may have seen in the media, there is currently a global ransomware attack affecting thousands of computers around the world.

What you need to know now to be prepared for an emergency

An emergency, disaster, accident or injury can occur at any time and without warning. Being prepared to handle an emergency is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility.

World Backup Day—plan to back up your devices on March 31st

Backing up files is one of those easy-to-do procedures that many people ignore. Consider checking your strategy during World Backup Day to see if it is still performing correctly.

Hot water quality at UBC

Due to unexpected equipment (i.e. heat exchanger) failures, HOT WATER quality is being monitored across campus. In an abundance of caution, we are posting notices at all HOT WATER faucets in 56 building complexes that contain the problematic heat exchangers. In effected campus buildings we have begun daily visual inspections of mechanical rooms and their […]

Seismic upgrades at UBC

Infrastructure Development is creating a prioritized action plan for each at-risk building on the Vancouver campus using the work of UBC’s seismic researchers as well as the most current thinking in seismic engineering, building resilience, and business continuity. With a campus the size of a small city, each step of our plan will take some time […]

Don’t take the bait: recognizing phishing emails

People who want to steal your information can be clever. There has been a dramatic increase in phishing emails over the years and it’s important to be able to spot a suspicious email that’s angling to steal your information. The most common information security breaches are due to unintended disclosures and hacking or malware, often […]

Joint Health and Safety Committee transitions set to begin pilot in Building Operations and Student Housing and Hospitality Services

In order to enhance our safety culture, UBC is redesigning our University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC). Starting in April, Safety & Risk Services (SRS) will pilot a new structure with Building Operations, Energy & Water Services, and Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS)—departments whose work puts them at higher risk for safety issues. Once […]

You might be a supervisor… and not even know it!

Who’s a supervisor at UBC? According to Safety & Risk Services (SRS) and WorkSafeBC, the answer may not be so obvious. We all know when someone officially reports to us, but WorkSafeBC holds everyone to a higher standard when it comes to occupational health and safety. SRS shares that anyone—including non-managers, researchers, or faculty—who instructs, […]

University Joint Health and Safety Committee to restructure

To enhance UBC’s safety culture, Safety & Risk Services is working to reorganize the structure of our Vancouver campus’ University Health and Safety Committee. To reflect our growing university, WorkSafeBC has asked for a variation and issued orders to allow UBC’s Vancouver campus to move from a single University Health and Safety Committee to multiple […]

Getting UBC and you ready for a seismic emergency

It can be hard to picture a significant earthquake in Vancouver. What would it look like? One example that matches well to Vancouver is the recent experience in Wellington, New Zealand (pictured). In the past 5 years there have been several major earthquakes in New Zealand that have shown us what would likely happen here. […]

Stay safe in the ice & snow season

When extreme weather comes to the Vancouver campus, Building Operations is responsible for managing snow and ice. The weather at UBC can be unpredictable—as UBC has it’s own micro climate which can be quite different from lower lying areas. We monitor custom weather feeds to get accurate predictions of what’s coming and work hard to […]