Announcing the creation of a new department of Safety & Risk Services

As part of UBC’s commitment to creating a safe, secure and resilient environment for our students, faculty and staff, Risk Management Services (RMS) will be joining with Campus Security to create a new department of Safety & Risk Services (SRS) for the Vancouver campus.

Both Campus Security and Risk Management Services have worked diligently to ensure that all those who study, teach and work at UBC Vancouver are safe, secure and prepared. By combining these departments, we will be able to provide a seamless process to better serve the campus, allowing us to plan and operate in better alignment with our identified risks and evolving pressures.

UBC will be recruiting for a new Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services, after which point the two departments will formally merge. Ron Holton, the current leader of Risk Management Services, is due to retire in the coming months, but has agreed to stay on with the university until the recruitment process is complete.

As we prepare for the creation of the new Safety & Risk Services department, we would like to thank Ron for his committed service during his time at UBC. Further updates related to the creation of the Safety & Risk Services department will be shared in the coming months.