COVID-19 Safety Training & Rules

Mandatory training for all faculty and staff

All UBC employees are required to complete this mandatory training prior to resuming UBC activities, or as soon as possible if they have been working on campus since the remote working arrangements were put in place.

The mandatory module, Preventing COVID-19 Infection in the Workplace training is accessible through the Workplace Learning (WPL) platform. To complete the training you must enroll in the course after logging in with your CWL.

We all need to follow our COVID-19 campus safety rules

Planning and training is just the start of the process. Although there will be fewer people on our campuses, it is vital that we continue to follow public health and WorkSafeBC guidance. UBC has developed some campus rules to ensure the health and safety of our community:

  1. Assess yourself daily for COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Stay home if you are ill.
  3. If you have been exposed to someone or have symptoms of COVID-19, complete the BC self-assessment tool and follow the instructions provided.
  4. Stay physically distant as much as possible.
  5. Non-medical masks are required in indoors spaces. Face shields are recommended for individuals with exceptions that inhibits their ability to wear a mask.

See the complete list of COVID-19 Campus Rules.

Learn more about safe work

Safety & Risks Services is working to provide UBC with timely advice that is coordinated to the efforts of the BC Ministry of Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, WorkSafeBC, and others. In our COVID-19 Health & Safety section, you will find more tools and information to help you be safe at work, whether you’re on campus or working remotely.