Reoccupancy Safety Planning

Last updated: March 19, 2021, 3:25 pm

UBC’s COVID-19 Safety Planning Framework

UBC has developed a COVID-19 Safety Planning Framework for the gradual and phased reoccupancy of the university. The Framework aligns with BC’s Restart Plan for COVID-19 and includes steps for the development and approval of UBC COVID-19 Safety Plans (CSP).

BC’s Restart Plan for COVID-19 has four phases, with different sectors identified in each phase. Phase 2, which began in May, includes many activities and services provided on our campuses such as in-person counselling, museums, art galleries, libraries, office-based worksites, recreation and child care. Post-secondary education has been identified as a component of Phase 3, which is taking place between June and September.

In this website you will find template documents and resources to assist you in the development of your COVID-19 Safety Plan. You are advised to bookmark this page, in order to access the latest information and documents.


Those working remotely should continue to do so. Changes in your current personal work arrangements are permitted only after your department/unit’s respective safety plan has been approved. If your role has required you to continue to work on campus, your department/unit is still required to submit a COVID-19 Safety Plan.


Research resumption: Planning for a phased approach to on-campus research resumption began in early June, with a separate process, which is being led by UBC’s Faculties. Information relating to the resumption of on-campus research, including information about that process can be found on the UBC Research & Innovation website.


For assistance with developing your safety plan, email and the appropriate SRS resource will contact you.


In this section

COVID-19 Guiding Principles

UBC’s principles to guide safety planning, including decision making and priority setting, during the COVID-19 pandemic

UBC’s Safety Planning Process

UBC Safety Plans must be developed for three organizational levels for activities at Point Grey, Robson Square and Okanagan locations. Each type of plan has its own requirements and process.

Determining Safety Plan Risk

The assessed residual risk, following implementation of planned mitigation, will determine the appropriate level of approval (i.e., department/school head/director or managing director/executive director/AVP; dean/VP, or UBC Executive).

Templates & Resources

Please use the following tools and resources to develop and submit your plan

Campus Rules & Safety Training

1. Mandatory COVID-19 Safety Training | 2. Campus Safety Rules

Submit your Safety Plan

Once you have completed your CSP form, complete the form below and upload it. This will distribute your plan to the correct people to begin the CSP review and approval process.

Frequently Asked Questions: Covid Safety Plan

Frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 Safety Planning Process.