COVID-19 Safety Plans


Last updated: November 25, 2021

The new COVID-19 Safety Plans are framed around Step 3 of the BC Restart plan. The Public Health Office moved to Step 3 on July 1, 2021 and will extend until the start of Step 4 at the direction of the Public Health Office.

All units and work areas are expected to follow the applicable safety plan(s). Units and work areas under industry specific guidance will need to have a COVID-19 safety plan that aligns with the industry requirements.

UBC has developed a framework that overlays the steps of the BC Restart Plan to the UBC environment

View UBC Safety Planning Framework [PDF]

New COVID-19 Safety Plans

In consultation with Public Health, UBC is streamlining the safety planning process to align with the BC Restart Plan and what has been learned about COVID-19 over the past year.

The seven new COVID-19 Safety Plans do not require customization, just implementation, and are applicable UBC-wide. They are based on your work activities, so simply choose the plan(s) that suits your work situation. For example, if your work activity includes a laboratory, office, and common spaces, you will need to reference three applicable COVID-19 Safety Plans. Unlike the previous COVID-19 Safety Plan, the new plans do not require to be submitted or approved.

  1. Common Areas and Public Realm [PDF]
  2. Field Trip and Field Research Activities [PDF]
  3. Housing/Student Residences [PDF]
  4. Learning Spaces [PDF]
  5. Offices/Administrative Areas [PDF]
  6. Study Spaces [PDF]
  7. Workshops and Research Laboratories [PDF]

Building administrators may use the UBC Vancouver COVID-19 combined version [docx] to access safety plans for an entire building.


For quick and easy access to the COVID-19 Safety plans, download the UBC Safe Vancouver App.

The UBC Safe Vancouver mobile app is free to download on an Android or iOS device that can connect to a wireless network. We recommend allowing push notifications so that alerts pop up on your device.

Android devices: Download the UBC Safe mobile app on Google Play

iOS device: Download the UBC Safe mobile app on the Apple App Store

Note: Standard message and data rates apply.

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Events and Gatherings Safety Plans

In addition to the UBC requirements outlined in the Campus Rules, events on campus must follow the UBC directive. The directive will be updated in alignment with the phases of the B.C. Restart Plan.

All organized gatherings will need to meet the requirements of the relevant Provincial Health Orders that are current at the time of the event. For clarity, the COVID-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for B.C.’s Post-Secondary Sector state that restrictions on gatherings do not apply to educational activities at post-secondary institutions. If you are unsure as to whether your activity applies, please contact

COVID-19 Event Safety Plan

Event organizers need to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan for their event, as prescribed by the Public Health order.

Download the COVID-19 Event Safety Plan Template [docx]: Updated November 25, 2021


For outdoor events, please follow the event application process on the Campus & Community Planning website.

If you have an event (indoor or outdoor) is planned with in-person component, and if you have any questions or are unsure of associated processes, please contact

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Public Sector Guidelines

In addition to the UBC requirements outlined in the Campus Rules, if your work area relies on additional sector-specific guidance to operate safely please ensure:

  • Supervisors and Managers have access to current, up to date requirements:
  • Clinical Faculties should look to the British Columbia Colleges for their relevant sectors to ensure advice aligns (i.e. College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC, College of Pharmacists of BC, College of Dental Surgeons, etc.).
  • Employees have been communicated any changes to Provincial Orders or advice
  • Safe work procedures still being used have been updated and communicated to reflect current best practices and controls
  • Changes to, or new safe work procedures have been sent to the relevant Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee for their review
  • Visitors or guests understand expectations before arriving at the workplace

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