Approved COVID-19 Safety Plans

Below is a list of business units required to complete “Overarching Safety Plans” on the Vancouver Campus. Overarching plans are used to inform the local plans of areas within that unit, more information about overarching, intermediate and local plans can be found here.

Links to approved Parent Plans will be posted below. Check back for status updates on this page.

You can find information about safety plans for the Okanagan Campus on the AVP Finance & Operations Okanagan website.


  • In progress: Parent portfolio is working on its plan.
  • Pending approval: Parent plan has been submitted is awaiting approval.
  • Approved: Parent Plan has been approved.

Portfolio Safety Plans

Office for the President

Status: Approved

Office of the President Safety Plan

Provost and Vice-President Academic

Status: Approved

VPA COVID-19 Safety Plan

Vice-President, Development and Alumni Engagement

Status: Approved

VP DAE COVID-19 Safety Plan

Vice-President, External Relations

Status: Approved

VPER COVID-19 Safety Plan

Vice-President, Finance & Operations

Status: Approved

VPFO COVID-19 Safety Plan

Vice-President, Health

Status: Not Required

Vice-President, Human Resources

Status: Approved

VPHR COVID-19 Safety Plan

Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Status: Approved

VPRI COVID-19 Safety Plan

Vice-President, Students

Status: Approved

VP Students COVID-19 Safety Plan

Faculty Safety Plans

Faculty of Applied Science

Status: Approved

Faculty of Applied Science Safety Plan

Faculty of Arts

Status: Approved

Faculty of Arts Safety Plan

Faculty of Dentistry

Status: Approved

Faculty of Dentistry Safety Plan

Faculty of Education

Status: Approved

Faculty of Education Safety Plan

Faculty of Forestry

Status: Approved

Faculty of Forestry Safety Plan

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Status: Approved

Faculty of Land and Food Systems Safety Plan

Faculty of Medicine

Status: Approved

Faculty of Medicine Safety Plan

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Status: Approved

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Safety Plan

Faculty of Science

Status: Approved

Faculty of Science Safety Plan

Peter A. Allard School of Law

Status: Approved

Peter A. Allard School of Law Safety Plan

UBC Sauder School of Business

Status: Approved

Sauder School of Business Safety Plan