You’re Invited! Information Security Standards Town Hall

UBC is committed to protecting its confidential data and information systems. As part of this commitment, we have established Information Security Standards that govern how everyone at UBC uses and safeguards university data and computing resources. We invite you to learn more about the proposed revisions to the Information Security Standards and have your questions answered by members of the ISSWG.

Daylight Savings time can affect workplace health & safety

Daylight Savings Time takes place this year on March 10, where we “spring ahead” and advance our clocks forward by one hour. Here are some tips to follow to help your body prepare for the time difference with the following tips.

Get to know the senior leadership team: Rae Ann Aldridge

Fostering a culture of purpose driven leadership, get to know Rae Ann Aldridge, Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services and her leadership vision: “I am a highly collaborative leader who works with her teams to inspire, influence and innovate towards a safe, secure and resilient UBC. Employing a strategic leadership approach, I empower my teams to lead in managing operational risk to position UBC as best-in-class.”

Step up your safety game with UBC Alert

Download the UBC Safe Vancouver App and turn on push notifications to receive alerts for safety and security risk to the community. Check to make sure your contact information is up to date in Workday/SSC to ensure you receive UBC Alerts.

Environmental Services Facilities will be closed for the holidays

The Environmental Services Facilities (ESF) will be closed starting December 18, 2023 until January 2, 2024. There will be no hazardous waste pick-ups during this break. The last pick-up day from academic department labs will be Thursday December 14, 2023.

Safety Day 2023 — A great success!

Safety Day 2023 — A great success!

Safety Day 2023 was a huge success with the largest attendance than ever before — 276 people! On October 3, Safety & Risk Services brought together all of UBC’s Joint Occupational Health & Safety  Committee (JOHSC) and Local Safety Team (LST) members for an opportunity to connect with each other and engage in a full day of learning. It is also a day to celebrate those who have made safety not just a priority, but a way of life on our campus.

Lance Xu joins Campus Security as Secure Access Technician

Lance Xu joins Campus Security as a Secure Access Technician. Lance is a dedicated security access technician with a profound passion for the physical security industry. He joins us from Chubb Security and is currently attending BCIT and working towards his Bachelors of Technology Management. With nearly a decade of hands-on experience in the field, he’s had the privilege of contributing to different projects and honing his skills in different areas such as access control, alarm systems, CCTV, door hardware, and IP networks.

Megan Edmunds and Daniela Ramirez joins Campus Security as Project Coordinators

Daniela is joining the Campus Security team as a Project Coordinator, after acquiring two years of experience in the physical security field. Megan Edmunds is a project management and operations professional with over four years of experience in public service and education settings.

Safety on the go. Download the UBC safe Vancouver App

Download the UBC Safe Vancouver app and make sure you turn on your push notifications to receive timely updates and urgent notifications. The UBC Safe App is free and recommended for UBC students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

Protect yourself from the flu

Starting October, 2023, Influenza vaccines will be available across British Columbia. This year, flu vaccines will be booked through the provincial government’s Get Vaccinated system, instead of booking through pharmacies as the public has done in the past. If you have already registered with the Get Vaccinated system for the COVID-19 vaccine, you will not need to re-register to receive an invite for the influenza vaccine. If you have not yet registered, you will need to visit the Get Vaccinated page to register.