Aligning enhanced safety and reducing risk for the university

In alignment with the VPFO and SRS strategic plan, Safety & Risk Services (SRS) is moving to the next step that builds on our strengths and opportunities to continue to align around enhanced safety and reduced risk for faculty, staff, and students. ​

Changes to the reporting structures in Occupational Health & Safety

SRS is renaming the division Occupational & Research Health & Safety to Occupational Health & Safety, and making changes to the reporting structures to strengthen alignment.

Under the leadership of Bruce Anderson, Director of Occupational Health & Safety, SRS will be consolidating several units to open new opportunities for cross-training and collaboration on the larger themes identified in our SRS Strategic Plan.

The first change is that the Emergency Management team will now be reporting into Occupational Health & Safety. Within the Occupational Health & Safety Teams, we are also creating the unit Health & Safety Partnerships, and making some changes to the structure of Academic & Research Operations and Ancillary & Facility Operations to enhance customer service and build new opportunities to align our work. The teams in Academic & Research Operations and Ancillary & Facility Operations will now be part of Health & Safety Partnerships.

In addition, teams in University Safety Programs and Education Programs & Planning will now be part of the new unit Safety Program Management & Systems (SPMS), and teams in Biological & Radiation Safety, Chemical Safety, Diving Safety, and Occupational Hygiene will now be part of the new unit , Research Compliance & Occupational Hygiene (RCOH).