News from SRS

You might be a supervisor… and not even know it!

Who’s a supervisor at UBC? According to Safety & Risk Services (SRS) and WorkSafeBC, the answer may not be so obvious. We all know when someone officially reports to us, but WorkSafeBC holds everyone to a higher standard when it comes to occupational health and safety. SRS shares that anyone—including non-managers, researchers, or faculty—who instructs, […]

University Joint Health and Safety Committee to restructure

To enhance UBC’s safety culture, Safety & Risk Services is working to reorganize the structure of our Vancouver campus’ University Health and Safety Committee. To reflect our growing university, WorkSafeBC has asked for a variation and issued orders to allow UBC’s Vancouver campus to move from a single University Health and Safety Committee to multiple […]

Getting UBC and you ready for a seismic emergency

It can be hard to picture a significant earthquake in Vancouver. What would it look like? One example that matches well to Vancouver is the recent experience in Wellington, New Zealand (pictured). In the past 5 years there have been several major earthquakes in New Zealand that have shown us what would likely happen here. […]

Stay safe in the ice & snow season

When extreme weather comes to the Vancouver campus, Building Operations is responsible for managing snow and ice. The weather at UBC can be unpredictable—as UBC has it’s own micro climate which can be quite different from lower lying areas. We monitor custom weather feeds to get accurate predictions of what’s coming and work hard to […]