Protecting yourself from wildfire smoke

Lower Mainland continues to see poor air quality values as a result of the thick wildfire smoke in BC. In the event of a wildfire, the best way to protect yourself is to reduce exposure.

  • Stay indoors and keep the air clean (windows/doors closed, no vacuuming).
  • When in a vehicle, keep windows closed with air conditioning set to recirculate.
  • Reduce time spent outdoors and avoid vigorous outdoor activities.
  • Visit places with controlled air supply such as the swimming pool or the libraries, etc.
  • People with asthma or other chronic illnesses should ensure they have an adequate supply of inhalers/medication and should activate their asthma or personal protection plans.
  • For non-emergency medical advice or assistance, visit HealthLinkBC or call 811.
  • For current air quality readings across Metro Vancouver please visit Metro Vancouver’s real-time air quality map.

Visit the Wildfire Smoke Health & Safety page on the Safety & Risk Services website for resources about air quality health and safety awareness, the risks of wildfire smoke, and the best ways to protect yourself.