Vancouver will continue to see warmer than average temperatures


Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for Metro Vancouver for the rest of today June 27, 2022 with inland temperatures reaching 34 degrees.

Following last summer’s heat dome—when the atmosphere traps hot ocean air like a lid or cap, UBC has taken steps to plan for extreme heat events. Given the current high temperatures, we wanted to provide some resources and information to help you stay cool and safe.


The following UBC buildings that have air conditioning and are open to the public over the weekend:


The most at-risk or vulnerable people to heat waves are the elderly and those with medical conditions. If you are in this category or have friends and family that are, please make plans to check in on these individuals when the heat gets particularly warmer, especially if temperatures do not drop overnight. In-person checkups are advised, as studies have been shown that phone calls are not always sufficient to ensure a loved one is safe and ok during a heat event.

If you or anyone you know experiences serious distress related to the heat, please call 9-11.


For more resources:


For more information on heat stress and safety, please visit Weather and thermal stress safety.