Air quality health & safety awareness

In light of the recent wildfire in BC, more information about wildfire smoke health & safety, including a real-time Metro Vancouver air quality map, has been added to the Emergency Preparedness website and the Occupational Hygiene section on the SRS website.

General Guidance

  • Identify and evaluate occupations, areas or tasks where the potential for exposure to wildfire smoke exists.
  • Become familiarized with the local Air Quality Health Index for obtaining health risk levels.
  • Inform workers about the hazards and exposure signs and symptoms of wildfire smoke, and train them on how to minimize exposure to wildfire smoke.
  • Have the necessary materials, tools and equipment, PPE and other resources required to minimize exposure to wildfire smoke.
  • Employees who have concerns about workplace exposure to wildfire smoke and their health should contact Occupational & Preventive Health.

Please refer to these resources to learn about the risks of wildfire smoke, the best ways to protect yourself, and more.