Students, faculty and staff get Ranger Ready in The Nest

On February 13, 2020 the AMS Student Nest was transformed into the UBC Emergency Ranger Station, where the Emergency Management team helped the UBC community get Ranger Ready, and prepare for emergency situations.

The event saw students, faculty and staff members complete a series of emergency related challenges to earn emergency preparedness badges and take one step towards being Ranger Ready. There were also four premium customized emergency kits up for grabs in a prize draw which had close to 200 entries, with the winners still to be announced.

The Emergency Management team, headed up by Danny Smutylo, Director of Emergency Management, were responsible for the event. Danny said “We’re really pleased with the engagement we saw at the Emergency Ranger Station. It’s important we get the message out to students, faculty and staff members that we all have a role to play in emergency situations, and taking a little bit of time to get prepared can have a big impact on your safety. Events like this, and resources like our new website, help us to socialize this idea and get people thinking about what they can do to get prepared.”

This was the first in a series of events to promote the importance of emergency preparedness on campus, so keep an eye out for future events with the opportunity to earn more emergency badges and get Ranger Ready!

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