Student Insurance (Optional)

UBC has various coverages for student groups – some of these are automatic as part of the student program, while others are optional. Below are the coverage options that are optional

UBC Student Accident Insurance (Optional Coverage)

Covers accidents (not illness) related to UBC studies. For more information see the Student Accident Insurance Memorandum (PDF).

The cost is $7/year/student and the insurance must be purchased through the student’s department administration.

Who can be covered under UBC student accident insurance?

  • All registered UBC students

What is covered under UBC student accident insurance?

  • Covers injury sustained by an insured person while participating in classes, research on campus and field work, including direct travel to and from home, classes, research site and field work sites. For more information please see Student Accident Insurance Policy (PDF)

How to obtain coverage for UBC student accident insurance?

  • Student Accident insurance is obtained through the student’s department administrator who collects the premium. Departmental Administrator should register here on behalf of the student
  • For groups of greater than 20, please contact Blossom Sobrinho

How to make a claim under UBC student accident insurance?

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UBC Students Traveling Abroad Insurance (Optional Coverage)

Note: All students that travel abroad on university activities are required to have travel and medical insurance.

What do I need to know for UBC students traveling abroad?

How can I obtain insurance for UBC students traveling abroad?

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