Frequently Asked Questions: Covid Safety Plan

Last updated: March 17, 2021, 3:46 pm

The following FAQs have been compiled to help UBC Faculty and Staff with the COVID-19 Safety Planning (CSP) Process.

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Creating COVID Safety Plans (CSPs)

  • How do I get assistance with my CSP?
    • Send an email to and a member of the Safety & Risk Services (SRS) team will contact you
  • Who needs a CSP? (Who is responsible for developing and updating it)?
    • All workspaces are required to have a site specific safety plan. The supervisor of that specific space is responsible for creating and updating the plan. Check with your manager before developing a plan to ensure it aligns with other plans in your area.
  • What if I have already created a plan but did not use the provided template?
    • No problem, use the Safety Plan Checklist to review your plan. This document includes the required elements you will need in your plan and resources that will assist you in the approval process.
  • Are templates different depending on my plan Level?
    • No, CSPs at all levels are to use the same template. UBC Safety Plans must be developed for three organizational levels for activities at UBC Vancouver and UBC Robson Square:
      • Parent Plan – a plan required for units led by a VP or Dean (e.g., Dentistry or VP Students)
      • Intermediate Plan – a plan for a unit, team or service, as determined by the responsible VP or Dean (e.g., the Dentistry Clinic or Enrolment Services)
      • Child Plan – a site-specific plan to guide faculty, students, staff and visitors

    More information about the different level of plans can be found on the Safety Planning Process page.

  • Should I wait for a parent plan before developing my CSP?
    • You do not need to wait for a parent plan before developing your site specific child plan. All CSPs must meet the general requirements provided in the Safety Plan Checklist.
  • Do all areas have a parent plan or do some areas only have intermediate and child plans?
    • Eventually all areas should have a parent plan, but it is recognized that some essential service areas have been developing their child and intermediate plans out of necessity prior to the parent plan. You can find information about progress of parent plans here. If you have questions around the specific situation for your area, contact for assistance.
  • My workspace is within a building that is predominantly under another parent plan. Which parent plan should I follow?
    • Follow your own department/faculty’s parent plan to develop your plan. Once complete, contact your building leadership to ensure any minor differences are addressed. In general, these plans should be very similar as the requirements for the CSPs are all the same.
    • In instances where workspaces are shared between departments, the development of CSPs should be coordinated with other relevant areas.

Submitting Safety Plans/Approval Process

  • How do I submit my CSP?
    • The first step for every plan submission is to have it reviewed by the responsible Dean or Vice President. How a plan then moves through the approval process is determined by the risk of the activities that will be taking place in the areas featured in the plan. Review the Safety Planning Process to determine how your plan will move through the approval process.
  • I am based on the Okanagan campus. Do I follow the same process as the Vancouver campus?
  • Do the individual measures described in the plan need to be implemented before a plan can be approved?
    • No – The measures described in a plan do not need to be implemented before a plan is approved.
  • What is the role of the COVID Safety Planning Committee?
    • The role of the committee is to provide risk assessments for plans, determine implications for campus, and refer any high risk plans to the UBC Executive for approval.
  • If I make changes to my plan after it has received initial approval from the COVID-19 Safety Planning Committee, do I need to re-submit it?
    • Only if it is a parent plan, these need to be resubmitted to All other plans are considered living documents and we expect that you make changes as required. Depending on how substantive the change, we would recommend re-circulating to members of your team and Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC) as appropriate.
  • How long will it take for my plan to be approved?
    • Turn around time will vary depending on a number factors:
      • The level of your plan (parent, intermediate or child)
      • Where your plan falls in the prioritization list
      • Whether it is assessed as high or low risk.

      See for more information on priority and risk ratings.

      Until your plan is approved, remote working activity should continue unless your unit has been deemed essential or you have a research exemption.

  • Once my plan is approved can remote workers return to campus right away?
    • If all measures described in the plan are in place, remote workers can return to campus in accordance with the schedule outlined in the approved plan. Note that any work that can be done remotely should continue to be done remotely.
  • Does my building require any preparation before I return?
    • Before a building can be widely accessed, Building Operations must make preparations to it. Once your plan has been approved, and a scheduled opening date has been set for it, contact your Building Facilities Manager and let them know.

Sharing/finding COVID Safety Plans

  • Why is it important to post online and provide hard copies of the CSP?
    • WorkSafeBC mandates that all CSPs must be in a known and accessible location for Faculty and Staff to view. Posting hard copies on poster boards and publishing on websites is the best way to meet this mandate.
  • How do I find my Intermediate or Parent Plans?
    • Contact your Administrative Head of Unit’s office (Department Head, Dean, Managing Director etc.) to find the location of the plans. Copies of finalized plans should be published online and hard copies should be made available in workplaces.
    • You can also find links to many completed parent plans on the “COVID-19 Safety Plans” page on the SRS website.
  • What is a building Key Plan and how do I get my Key Plan for the CSP?
    • A building Key Plan is a map that includes all rooms and hallways for each floor in your building.  You can request a copy of your Key Plan by sending an email to

COVID-19 Safety Training

  • Who needs to complete the Preventing COVID-19 infection in the Workplace training?
    • All UBC employees are required to complete this mandatory training prior to resuming UBC activities, or as soon as possible if they have been working on campus since the remote working arrangements were put in place.
  • How can administrators see if members of their team have completed the mandatory COVID-19 safety training?
    • Administrators with HRMS access can run a 910 report in MSP to view which employees in their department have completed all mandatory training courses.

COVID-19 Information

  • When should I use the email address?
    • Anytime you have a COVID-19 related question, a COVID-19 related incident has taken place or to submit your CSP for review (please note, CSPs should be submitted to the in accordance with the CSP process).
  • Where can I find general COVID-19 information about how UBC is keeping faculty, staff and students safe?
  • How can administrators see if members of their team have completed the mandatory COVID-19 safety training?
    • Administrators with HRMS access can run a 910 report in MSP to view which employees in their department have completed all mandatory training courses.
  • What should do if someone is showing potential COVID-19 symptoms?
    • COVID-19 symptoms and health advice can be found on the BCCDC website, including information about when and how to get tested.